Restore your Psoas with Patrick Hogan
12:00 PM12:00

Restore your Psoas with Patrick Hogan

$45 Early Bird Registration/ $55 at the door

The Psoas! “the so... what?” 

Join Patrick in a restorative exercise based evening to discover what this important muscle is in our body. Let’s look at how our daily habits are affecting and shaping the psoas and how the current state of the psoas is affecting and shaping our body. With an awareness of the hip flexors up through the trunk of the body, we’ll explore corrective exercises and new habits to restore this muscle to its optimal state. This workshop is great for everyone from those who find themselves sitting much of the time and even for athletes looking to increase performance. 

Gaining and maintaining a functional psoas is vital for recovering from symptoms and conditions such as:

  • Low back pain

  • Sciatica

  • Excessive menstrual cramping

  • Hip socket tension

  • Groin pain

  • Scoliosis

  • Knee, neck, and ankle tension

  • Bladder disturbances

  • Digestive upsets

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10:00 AM10:00

AcuRolling- Deep Hips Focus

Don't let hip pain keep you from having your best 2019.  Empower yourself with AcuRolling- it is effective, fun, and works fast!

AcuRolling is Yamuna® Body Rolling, infused with the wisdom of Chinese Medicine.  East meets West: Benefit from the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine, and the modern wisdom of Yamuna® Body Rolling. Learn the Yamuna® Body Rolling routines to free your hips, taught from the perspective of Acupuncture points and channels.  You will learn how to use the related acupuncture channels of your body to relieve your own hip pain, and have a deeper understanding of the root of your discomfort.  Acupressure points related to hip pain, as well as the underlying emotions related to the channels will also be covered.

Yamuna's Save Your Hips routine brings space to your hip joint at all angles.  You will feel it working, and see your legs get longer as we go through the routine. You will feel the new space in your hip joints as you are freer and lighter when you walk, and your hips have enough space to glide through the joints.  Understanding it from the perspective of Chinese Medicine (AcuRolling) will deepen your knowledge of the cause of your hip pain, and how to address it through acupressure points and channels. This testimonial from Nancy's  last Save Your Hips workshop says it all:

Hi Nancy!
Just a quick note to say that this week I have not had any of the typical hip pain that I typically experience daily.  It’s kinda crazy!  Not even physical therapy has ever helped this chronic pain.
I purchased the black balls the other evening and did some back work with them last night.  Pretty amazing!
Thanks again,

AcuRolling was created by Nancy Byrne, a Licensed Acupuncturist and certified Yamuna practitioner. Nancy is passionate about teaching others how to relieve their own pain. She believes in inspiring healing by empowering others through education.  To learn more, visit

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