Owner and Director

Annette Fletcher is a mover, mother and lover of all things Pilates, dance and the human body. After graduating with a BFA in Dance from New World School of the Arts in Miami and studying Pilates with Elaine Wright, she embarked on her Pilates career in NYC. She began Pilates House from her home on 74thStreet in 2005 while also dancing for choreographers such as Robert Battle, Ellis Wood, Heidi Latsky and Daniel Ezralow. She is certified in all apparatus through Pilates Institute of America under the tutelage of Frankie Puglisi. After opening Pilates House, Annette taught certifications in Mat and Apparatus for PIA, specializing on assisting Physical Therapists on how to utilize the Pilates work into their healing practices. 

Annette is also certified by Yamuna Zake in Foot Fitness® which assists in restoring healthy foot function and Tom Meyer’s Anatomy Trains® for movement and fitness professionals. Her teaching is driven by the desire to find space, discover movement possibilities and trigger the natural high and awakening that comes from breathing and movement combined. 

In this quick-paced, ever-changing landscape of technology and complete outsourcing of a human’s capability, she wants to impart on all she teaches how one’s own power of sustainability and care for the body will long outlive the newest version of Alexa. 

“One should find movement that heals and energizes them.” – Paul Frediani friend and trainer


Erin is a Classical Pilates trainer in New York City. She began practicing Pilates in 2005 while studying at the University of Washington to strengthen her core for swimming and her athletic lifestyle. After seeing how Pilates transformed the strength, shape, and flexibility of her own body she became a dedicated practitioner. In 2013 she made a career transition from teaching in public schools to teaching Pilates full time. Erin works with clients of all ages, athletic abilities, and backgrounds, and helps them meet personal fitness goals through achievable workout plans. In addition, her clients all boast about having the strongest abs they've ever had!


Nancy is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, and certified practitioner of Yamuna® Body Rolling, Yamuna Breathwork, Yamuna® Foot Fitness and Yamuna® Face Ball. She earned her master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) from Pacific College and is nationally accredited by NACCAOM.

She enjoys using Chinese Medicine hand in hand with diet, mindful movement, breathwork and meditation to promote health, limit stress and pain, and prevent disease in her patients’ lives as well as her own. Educating patients and sharing the wisdom and perspective of both Chinese Medicine and Yamuna’s® work is her favorite part of her practice. 
Nancy infuse all of her favorite modalities into her treatments: acupuncture, breathwork, body rolling. She created the class AcuRolling, to share her work with as many people as possible. She is also the creator and host of Inspire Healing, an online show offering information about holistic modalities, and perspective from inspirational healers. 

Nancy believes that if the body is returned to its optimal form and alignment, through acupuncture, breath, massaging the tissue with bodywork and nourishing the tissue with healthy food, then optimal space will be restored. In this space, Qi will flow. Freedom from restrictions, both physical and emotional, will follow.


Sarah is a Senior Trainer and Certifying Instructor for Pilates Academy International. She is also Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certified and holds a full certification in Stott Pilates. She is pre and post-natal certified and is qualified to work with a variety of special populations and conditions. She came to Pilates from a dance background and has been teaching since 2004. She also was trained and certified by Yamuna Zake in Yamuna® Body Rolling. Yamuna® Foot Fitness, and the hands on Table Treatment. Sara has an eye for alignment and an expert understanding of how the body works as a whole.


Patrick Hogan (Aligned Movement, Wednesdays 6:45pm) - Patrick Hogan is a movement teacher who specializes in Restorative Exercise and Natural Movement. His Restorative Exercise certification (RES from Katy Bowman’s Nutritious Movement Institute) provides an expertise in restoring the body’s optimal alignment so as to alleviate many common ailments of modern living and to regain the freedom of natural movement. His Natural Movement training (Mov Nat level 2) provides the platform to teach the fundamental movement skills that are our birthright as human beings. Patrick also holds certifications in Yoga (RYT-500 and ERYT-200), Thai Massage, and Advanced Kinesiology. Each of these has helped him become attuned to the body’s capability for free, playful, and healthy movement.

Patrick brings a playful approach to his classes so that they can act as a forum for movement exploration. He believes that in play and curiosity we can achieve our deepest learning and better our relationship between ourselves and the world.

He teaches around New York City in private, corporate and class settings. Past workshops have included Natural Movement Fundamentals, Yoga for Movement Disorders, and combined Yoga and Natural Movement retreats in Nicaragua.

Patrick grew up in the Northwest exploring the outdoors through hiking, skiing, and rock climbing. Now, he can often be found climbing trees and running barefoot through the parks.