WORKSHOP - AcuRolling: Focus on Neck and Shoulders 11am-1pm

WORKSHOP - AcuRolling: Focus on Neck and Shoulders 11am-1pm


Learn to open your Heart Space to unwind neck and shoulder tension, address upper back and scapular pain, improve posture, relieve anxiety, fatigue, or a heavy feeling in your chest, feel more joy, improve sleep, and breathe more fully.

AcuRolling is Yamuna® Body Rolling, infused with the wisdom of Chinese Medicine.  East meets West: Benefit from the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine, and the modern wisdom of Yamuna Body Rolling.

In this workshop, we will unwind our shoulders and neck, and see and feel the immediate results!

You will learn to: 

  • understand the connection of unwinding physical tension to relieve emotional tension through the perspective of Chinese Medicine

  • care for your shoulders and keep them aligned, tension free and flexible

  • relieve neck tension and associated headaches

  • keep shoulders and neck open and free from injury

  • rejuvenate your shoulders if you are recovering from an injury

  • increase range of motion in the shoulders and neck

  • free restrictions and heal your shoulder, upper back and/or neck pain 

  • feel lighter and relaxed!

AcuRolling was created by Nancy Byrne, a Licensed Acupuncturist and certified Yamuna practitioner. Nancy is passionate about teaching others how to relieve their own pain. She believes in inspiring healing by empowering others through education.  To learn more, visit

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