The Theme of the Week...

 Man wearing a sweater 'Photo Bombs' Andy Warhol and Tennessee Williams

Man wearing a sweater 'Photo Bombs' Andy Warhol and Tennessee Williams

ts often that I wake up in the morning and I don't know what to teach. I'm overwhelmed by my lack of sleep and what my child should do that day to be productive that I lose touch with my work at hand and have no plan for the day.

And so enters 7am Wednesday. She is warm and inviting and I know she is open for anything. This is a playground for me. She has given me a hint that her hips her "wenchy" as she says, and that maybe her neck hurts a little. GOT it. Alright, we work, I give a her some release work and some strengtheners for a localized area and then off we go into classical Pilates movements....This is the physical aspect.

What comes next is the part that turns my day around. She tells me that she is afraid of falling. That everyone she knows is falling. Well, okay. Sure enough as I observe her execute all of her Pilates movements I say with humor. "The instructions are not on the ground". OH how I laugh inside because this is what every dance teacher ever said to me and every dancer going across the floor. But there is truth. No there are no instructions to follow...Just the intuition in the body and the brain perceiving where we are in space. 

Where the eyes go, the body follows. Yes you see, because, every slight movement of the eye affects the fascial system of the face, down through the neck and shoulders. Even as I stare slightly down onto this computer screen I feel the forward pull at my neck and shoulders and am already screaming for a break! (Its been less than 15 minutes!) If your eyes are pulling your cervical spine forward and down, and the sternum begins collapsing down then voile...Gravity will eventually win and you'll go down to at some point. Why would we even consider walking like this. Bringing the eyes up to horizontal and looking at where you are going pulls up the upper body and sends the signal to the body..." I know where I am! " Therefore, less likely to take a spill. The eyes are proprioceptors as are our toes and fingers...our conjunction with the equilibrium in our ears.